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Our People

The key to our long-term success is the creative innovation of the company’s family members and pursuit of excellence. That is why we employ the best people. Joining the family of Emad Rahwanji & Partners International entails passing through a careful and strict recruitment process that involves a test and a series of interviews. This test evaluates the analytical capacity and technical knowledge of the candidate. The interviews measure the person’s real capacity for quick thinking, trustworthiness, decision-making, integrity, professionalism and qualities that determine the extent to which the person is compatible with the corporate culture of Emad Rahwanji & Partners International.

Our people are talented in various areas of management, skills development and personal improvement. Those who have shown the best performance are selected on a regular basis, endorsed and promoted to leadership and more responsible positions.

Our staffs are distinguished with the spirit of young people who are full of energy, intelligent and highly skilled. And above all, they love their profession that enables them to live up to the expectations of the company’s customers and achieve our long-term interests and fulfill the obligations committed, enabling them to solve the problems objectively, regardless of the problem nature.

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