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Chairman Message

Success breeds success. The story of our success is a driving force behind the relentless quest to expand our business globally. The Emad Rahwanji & Partners International success started as a dream of one person, but soon became the dream for all workers.
We at Emad Rahwanji & Partners International have achieved our dreams and our goals with hard work and reached the top and joined the world's elite and leading cards manufacturing companies.

The road to success, excellence and high-level performance was paved with planning, expertise and high-tech, exercising diligent finishing and unrelenting follow-up that makes the key factor for the success and prosperity of large companies.
With continuous modernization, reliability of our production operations and ability to develop fruitful working relationships with our customers in all parts of the world, we look to open more new markets throughout the world.

Eighteen years of experience have passed during which time we faced all kinds of obstacles that companies undergo on the way to prosperity, yet we were able to overcome them with our determination to succeed. With the same determination we will carry on the work to become the first wedding cards manufacturer in the world.



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