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Tunisian exhibitions

Rahwanji Cards International Co. is continuously trying to communicate directly with its clients through its agencies who spread all over the Arabic and Foreign countries. For achieving the extension and the improvement in Tunisia’s potential market, Rahwanji Cards International Co. participated with many different event shows under the mentor of its Tunisia’s Agent, “Al Sagher Co”. The following event shows was conducted in different Tunisia States.

The Life Party – Tunisia City -Soukra – From 12 – 21 February, 2010
Bride Event Show – Tunisia City -Alsharkiyah – From 2-9 April, 2010

Bride’s Clothes Event Show – Tunisia City -Alsharkiyah – From 16 – 20 April, 2010

All those participations were obviously successful. Many complements were received from the visitors who expressed their admiration about our attractive and organized sections, respectable reception, and about the unique design of the wedding cards that Rahwanji Cards International Co. is specialized.







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