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Imad Al Rahwanji & Co. established in 1991 as one of the largest printing companies in the Middle East specialized in manufacturing of wedding cards, invitation cards, and business cards. The high quality of its products make the company meets the demands of all society segments with varying tastes and budgets. 
Imad Al Rahwanji & Co. extends over an area of 3000 sq meters and a floor space of 10,000 sq meters with production capacity of 2500 tons per year. 
More than 700 employees work at the company including engineers, economists, lawyers, and designers. More than 500 employees work all over the world offering services for the company’s clients through its branches in 75 countries covering all Arab countries, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia. 
The company has developed an appropriate plan to expand its network, continually seeking to contract with more dealers and agents. The company is looking forward for more dissemination by establishing new market in the United States of Americana, Canada, and South America. 
The number of the products that the company produces exceeds 1000 of which 400 are new arrivals designed every year with the possibility for handling special orders and designs that’s implemented by the most modern printing machines in the world. In addition to the resurfacing of pits cards of wood and cardboard, and are ready to implement special orders and designs. 
Imad Al Rahwanji & Co. has obtained the international quality system ISO 9001:2008 certification since 1997 and Imad Al Rahwanji & Co is considered the first company in the Middle East to receive international quality certification in printing. The company still follows a strict system to ensure product quality constantly.
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